I can’t remember how often I have stressed the importance of monitoring the strongest stocks like FNV – Franco Nevada and RGLD – Royal Gold within the gold mining sector. The idea behind that concept is to gauge a market’s or a sector’s health.

  • How many stocks are able to print new all time highs?
  • Are there lots of stocks within that sector printing new all time highs?
  • Which one is the leader of the pack?

Although FNV and RGLD are royalty companies and not mining stocks in the true sense of the word they are part of that realm and need to be followed.

Here’s a short Video analyzing FNV – Franco Nevada and explaining a few Technical Analysis Concepts and what to watch for in the coming months. Enjoy!

If you can’t see the Video click here: FNV – Video Analysis

Always up-todate FNV – Franco Nevada Chart

Another marker for charlatans: They don’t voice opinions that can get them in trouble. – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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The two gold miners I like best right now are RIC – Richmont Mines and CLGRF / CJR.TO Claude Resources. CLGRF has put in a bottoming formation that looks similar to RIC.

Keep this in mind: The chart has put in a series of higher lows and is not attempting to put in a V-bottom like most other miners. The key difference here is that a series of higher lows means that the recent sell-off low has already been successfully tested. With a V-bottom type of pattern the risk is twofold:

  • The lows might need to be retested
  • Overhead resistance is typically a bigger problem as there is less overall pattern pressure to propel prices higher

Click on CLGRF daily chart to enlarge:

Click on CLGRF weekly chart to enlarge:

The weekly chart analysis suggests a very conservative price target around 0.37 is most likely. A more optimistic target in the 0.50 – 0.60 price area doesn’t seem unrealistic though.

Claude Resources’ company profile is somewhat similar to RIC:

  • It is operating in Canada, a safe jurisdiction
  • Very low debt
  • CJR.TO is a profitable gold producer
  • The stock bottomed out much earlier than its peers
  • A new CEO recently took over

Price trumps narratives.

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The Silver technicals have slightly improved, but Silver is still in a falling tops downtrend. Here is my original Silver Falling Tops Chart Analysis. You might want to review it before you watch the video.

If there is one thing I have learned during conversations with readers, then it is the following: 95% are overwhelmed by the complexity of the information when it comes to TA concepts.

Just because I think something is easy to grasp it doesn’t mean it is easy for someone who is not living and breathing the markets. These short educational videos are an attempt to clarify and explain the main concepts I talk about all the time. After all, I am running the website to help you. Enjoy the video!

For those who read my website via RSS or email website updates, simply click on Silver Technical Outlook – Video Analysis to watch the video.

CORRECTION: The moving average in the video of course is not the weekly MA 30 but the daily MA 200. It doesn’t matter at all. The concepts I talk about in the video are exactly the same.

Hat tip to David over at Financetrends for tonight’s quote:

I have long since learned, as we all should learn, not to make excuses when wrong. Just admit it and try to profit from it. – Jesse Livermore

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After doing a bullish chart analysis of DXJ the currency hedged Japan ETF I decided to add the Nikkei Index to my public chart list. Here’s a quick 2 minute video explaining the ABC move concept I talk about so often:

An initial thrusting move, followed by a consolidation pattern and the resumption of the trend leading into the pattern. In the video I also show how to derive a technical price target for the Nikkei.

Here’s the Nikkei chart I just added to my public list. Click to enlarge:

Always up-to-date Nikkei 225 chart on my public list.


For those who read my website via RSS or email website updates, click the link above to watch the video. Hope you like it!

Risk takers never complain. They do. – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Just wanted to quickly highlight a very constructive weekly chart pattern displaying a high volume thrusting move resembling a high pole and the ensuing flag consolidation. A classic ABC move chart pattern in the making. A resumption of the trend would imply a 19$ target.

A more conservative target around 16$ looks perfectly reasonable. The daily chart of INFN – Infinera shows how tight the flag is. A very bullish sign. Depending on your level of aggressiveness entries can either be taken now or once the bullish flag resolves to the upside.

Click on INFN weekly chart analysis to enlarge:

Click on INFN daily chart analysis to enlarge:

Fiber Optics Sector Overview Chart I.http://bit.ly/1zK3mrF Chart contains: INFN – Infinera, JDSU – JDS Uniphase, CIEN – Ciena, FNSR – Finisar, AAOI – Applied Optoelectronics, CLFD – Clearfield

Fiber Optics Sector Overview Chart II.http://bit.ly/1qIbOaV Chart contains: IPGP – IPFG Photonics, GLW – Corning, AVGO – Avago Technologies, AFOP – Alliance Fiber Optic Products, CALX – Calix, BRCD – Brocade Communications Systems

Company overview from Yahoo finance:

Infinera Corporation provides optical transport networking (OTN) equipment, software, and services to communications service providers, Internet content providers, cable operators, and subsea network operators worldwide. It offers Infinera DTN Platform that utilizes photonic integrated circuit technology to enable digital processing and management of data to generate wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) wavelengths; and to add, drop, switch, manage, protect, and restore network traffic digitally using integrated OTN switching. The company also provides Infinera Line System, which offers optical amplification and enables the management communication channels between network nodes; and Infinera DTN-X Platform, a multi-terabit packet optical transport platform that enables service providers to manage the traffic of video, mobile, and cloud-based services, as well as for submarine network applications. In addition, it offers Infinera ATN Platform, a coarse WDM and dense WDM aggregation and transport solution; Infinera IQ Network Operating System, an embedded software operating system; and Infinera Management Suite, an element management system used to manage DTN, DTN-X, and ATN platforms. Further, the company provides a range of support services for various hardware and software products. It markets and sells its products and related support services primarily through its direct sales force. Infinera Corporation was formerly known as Zepton Networks. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Give up complexity and move toward simplicity. The best traders are always those who practice simplicity. – Van K. Tharp

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RIC Richmont Mines Chart Update With Price Target

November 20, 2014

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